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Anne Powell Anne Powell, Managing Director

Genesis Consulting is a specialist executive coaching consultancy that supports its clients in leading their industry or business sector to achieve exceptional results. We take great pride in the value which we deliver to our clients through facilitating sustainable change and growth in the organisations and individuals with whom we work. Our aim is to help leaders and business executives to optimise their performance and satisfaction at work. We do this by supporting them to develop their potential and contribution through increased self awareness and insight. We focus on what has made them successful to date, and what shifts they need to make to sustain their success in the complex and ambiguous organisational environments of the future.

Our approach is characterised by a powerful combination of business experience and psychological understanding and expertise. Anne Powell, Managing Director, is an organisation development specialist and business psychologist with a special interest in leadership development in the financial services and consultancy sectors.

Do these challenges sound familiar to you?

  • You have been promoted based on your technical knowledge and expertise to a leadership position and you need to understand stakeholder expectations and demonstrate achievement rapidly in unfamiliar areas of performance
  • You have assumed a leadership role and need to be able to adapt your leadership style to different working styles and preferences, placing an emphasis on coaching and mentoring to motivate, create loyalty and develop the talent of your team
  • You need to create a broader and deeper network inside your organisation and industry to build a sustainable business and become recognised as a leader in your market sector
  • You have assumed responsibility for a global leadership team whose members are working in silos on local issues; you want to transform the team to behave in ways that reflect the challenges faced by a group of culturally diverse individuals working in a complex and competitive market?
  • You want to refocus your career, manage stress more effectively and ensure a work/life balance

If so, you may benefit from one-on-one coaching or executive team development to help you manage these challenges and achieve your full potential and the potential of the teams which you lead.

In our experience, success comes when people are able to draw on and grow their unique range of personal qualities and skills. Coaching – both one-to-one and in teams – is increasingly recognised as one of the most effective interventions for developing leaders.